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"For being an ER, this place seems pretty calm…"

I had my first day in the ER reception area, and it was awesome.

It was really overwhelming at first. I didn’t know where anything was, and I was nervous because how the heck was I supposed to take patients and visitors anywhere? I was totally that girl. The one with eyes like a deer in headlights. Thankfully, experience is a quick fix to that problem. After a couple of rounds with another volunteer, I was feeling more confident and useful.

In those four short hours, I got to witness a lot of interesting things. I saw a helicopter transport a trauma patient and about 30 of her closest family members all came; a guy who got in a fight with a chain saw; a person who was mentally unstable; a guy who had the shakes from alcohol abuse; a guy who was potentially about to have a heart attack; andddd there was a code 100 which means that somebody was getting violent and all male personnel were required to handle the situation!

And despite all that excitement, it was still way more calm than what I was expecting. Gosh, I can’t wait to go back next week! 

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