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Life: it changes with the seasons.

It has been quite a while since I have posted, but in a way that is good because it means I have been out living life to the fullest, right?! Right.

My life has changed in so many ways just within the past few months… besides graduating college, I traveled more than I hoped, I joined a young adult discipleship group through my church, I started a new relationship, I exceeded my goal for the MCAT, I officially committed myself to attending medical school starting next Fall, I started working at a medical office for my gap year, and I am in the process of joining the United States Air Force. I am beyond thrilled by all God has done in my life!

I admit the past two years have definitely been the most challenging of my life thus far, but the past two months have been full to the brim with blessings and joy. I am reminded over and over again how God’s Perfect Plan is more magnificent than anything I could ever dream up on my own! In retrospect, I see the intricate ways He has worked through all of my “setbacks”. James 1:2-8 has been my life verse these past few years, and it’s absolutely amazing to see God follow through on His promises and grow me spiritually. Of course I should never doubt His capabilities, but I am only human. Another verse that has been most reassuring is Romans 8:28: “and we know that all things work together for good for those who love God, for those who are called according to His purpose.” I feel as if that verse has a new meaning for me now since I have lived through it. And while all these wonderful things are happening in my life, I realize they are not “mine” to claim; they are gifts from God and could be taken away at any given moment. What if I woke up tomorrow with only the things I thanked God for yesterday? Some days, I wouldn’t have much. But I am so thankful for the challenges I have faced because I know God poured out His graces on me during those difficult times, and all I have accomplished since then is because of Him. All praise and glory and honor be to God! 

So, let us love God and serve God with all our minds, all our hearts, and all our strength. He is oh-so-good, and it is only right and just! 

Serenity and relaxation :)

I am finally done with the MCAT! It was hard, but it’s over.

I can hardly describe all the peace and love and support I felt from my family and friends over these long weeks and months. I truly have felt the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit at work. It is absolutely amazing!

I really do trust that everything is in God’s hands and He has a perfect plan for me. I can’t wait for the rest to unfold!

Don’t Build a Case Against Yourself

This is so relevant to my doubts about whether or not I will get into medical school. I KNOW that GOD working in my life will over come any obstacle!! He will give me the graces and skills I need to become an amazing doctor that will glorify Him! I just have to have faith that He will follow through, and of course, He will!


It’s Olympics time! Isn’t it amazing what one person can accomplish through years of persistence, practice, and focus? No doubt when we watch the games, there will be several standouts leaving us to think, “This person was made for this!” It’s inspiring and exciting. But these Olympians aren’t the only ones with goals, dreams, and purposes to accomplish….


What does God think about your future? We find it in the book of Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) “I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” All of what we are, good and bad, is what we have thought and believed. What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.
All of the important battles we face will be waged within ourselves. Building a case against yourself presents thousands of reasons why you cannot do what you want to, when all you really need is one reason why you can. In a recent New York Times article about Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall (watch him compete August 12!), he is quoted as saying, “I’m my own toughest critic… (But) I’ve learned to see myself as God sees me. We believe God sees us as perfect, almost as if we have a Jesus suit on, because he died for us and took away our sins. If that’s how the Creator of the universe sees me, that’s a very honoring thing. It builds your confidence. It makes you see yourself in a very good light.” 


Nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that the God inside of them was superior to any circumstance. I John 4:4 says, “Greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world.” It is a great deal better to do all the things you should do than to spend the rest of your life wishing you had. It’s been said don’t put water in your own boat, the storm will put enough in on its own. The first key victory you must win is over yourself. Your chief competition is you. “You can’t consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself,” says Zig Ziglar.


Building a case against yourself performs like a microscope, which magnifies trifling things but cannot receive great ones. To keep from building a case against yourself: Multiply your prayer time, divide the truth from a lie, subtract negative influences, and add God’s Word. We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves. Both faith and fear sail into the harbor of your mind, but only faith should be allowed to anchor

What were you made to accomplish?

-John Mason, from the book,  
You’re Born An Original Don’t Die A Copy 

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